Arkansas Delta Council

Achievements of the Arkansas Delta Council

This may be your only opportunity to put your charitable dollars to work for the Arkansas Delta Region. We do not use professional fundraisers and all of your contribution will go towards helping us improve the quality of life for our region. Just look at some of the innovative accomplishments since we began in 1990:

  • Soil Fertility Research- Rice & Cotton now widely used.
  • Aquaculture Research & Development.
  • State Aquaculture Program- recently credited with saving the Aquaculture Industry during the Dioxin Crisis!
  • Ventures in Education programs in the Delta SAT scores have risen to the National average in targeted schools!
  • Creation of the Delta Children’s Network-to makes healthy and educational recreational activities available for Delta kids.
  • Delta Healthcare Network-addressing the issues of the medically underserved communities in the Delta.
  • Advocacy efforts in Washington on behalf of Delta issues, including I-69, the Farm Bill, etc
  • Grant writing services and consulting for members and communities.
  • Annual “Delta Tribute Award” to individual who has performed outstanding work on behalf of the Delta & Newsletter on Delta activities and Grant Opportunities.
  • The Delta Healthcare Network, a program of the Arkansas Delta Council organized the 1st Annual Delta Healthcare Summit on January 25, 2000 at the Brinkley Convention Center in Brinkley, Arkansas.. The Summit was organized to bring together healthcare professionals and train them in accessing existing programs, and then end up with a briefing on the status of the tobacco settlement funding. According to evaluation summaries provided at the Summit, it was a huge success.For more information on how you can be a member of the Arkansas Delta Council, contact us at 870-673-2132 or by email at
  • $26 million in Federal Support for the Delta Region Worked with Members of the Clinton White House, USDA, Senator Bumpers and Congressman Berry.
  • $40,000 from USDA for an agriculture development plan for the Arkansas Delta.
  • Delta Regional Agriculture Conference at ASU attended by 180 farmers to Address the value added and foreign market opportunities for the producer.
  • $150,000 approved by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a full-time physician recruiter for the Delta Region over the next three years.
  • Approval of three Housing and Urban Development Applications on behalf of the Delta Housing Partnership for 60 new lease-to-own houses for low income working people in the Arkansas Delta.
  • Hosted a Delta Regional Conference on Community Policing in Forrest City.
  • Completed the Family-to-Work program, an innovative welfare to work pilot project begun in the Delta by the Walton Family Foundation.
  • Completed the eight year Adventures in Education pilot program.
  • Submitted grant proposals on behalf of Delta counties to the US Department of Health & Human Services, and much, much more!

The Arkansas Delta Council organized in 1990 by grassroots leadership in the Delta, is dedicated to forceful action on the concerns of the Delta and its people. The Delta Council provides one voice for the Delta in Little Rock, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere, with membership including a broad cross-section of the Delta that is able to work on common goals.